The Bioassessment of Arrowhead Run

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The Water Drawdown Implications Paper

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Predicting New Lake Water Levels

We paid $97,425 to an engineering firm to develop a new method for predicting the water level of Deep Creek Lake.  Called the Water Budget Model (WBM), it will allow the Brookfield Renewable Power Company, that operates the dam on Deep Creek Lake, to time water releases from the dam in light of the anticipated height of the water in the lake.

Water Level Dock Impacts

Part of the Water Budget Model design work includes an evaluation of impacted docks at the water levels contained between the Rule Bands.  According to the report there are 2,233 docks on the lake.  At the end of August, the Lower Rule Band (LRB) is at 2458, and 202 docks, 9% of the total, are impacted by low water.  At the end of September, the LRB is at 2457, and 267 docks, 12% of the total are impacted.  At the end of October, the LRB is at 2456, and 335 docks, 15% of the total are impacted by low water.