Deep Creek Watershed Foundation Water-Wise Training Program

Water-Wise Training

In a first beyond the Chesapeake Bay, the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation has partnered with Garrett County to fund Water-Wise training by the University of Maryland Extension in a program exclusive to Garrett County.

Deep Creek lake Zebra Mussel Monitoring

Monitoring for Zebra Mussels

We have paid $2,575, and joined with Brookfield Renewable Power, to help the Maryland Department of Natural Resources test the waters and habitats in Deep Creek Lake to see if there are any indications that the lake has been invaded by the terribly destructive Zebra Mussels, a species originally native to the lakes of southern Russia and Ukraine.

Predicting New Lake Water Levels

Predicting New Lake Water Levels

We paid $97,425 for developing a new method for predicting the water level of Deep Creek Lake. Called the Water Budget Model, it will allow the Brookfield Renewable Power Company, which operates the dam on Deep Creek Lake, to time water releases from the dam in light of the anticipated height of the water in the lake.

Water Quality Monitoring

We are committed to assisting the Maryland Department of Natural Resources with their new Water Quality Monitoring System. This system will allow for DNR to record the lake’s baseline water quality and determine how the watershed affects the lake’s water quality.