Deep Creek Lake Tributary Bioassessment

Below is a slideshow presentation prepared by local Natural Resource Biologists Julie Bortz and Christine King. It details the specifics of the water quality monitoring project and the information the sensors provide.

*Each slide is set in 10 second intervals, if you need more time on each slide, simply pause the video.

Continuous monitoring of water quality at Deep Creek Lake is a vital project. Without more sensors, information received will be limited. The sensors will allow for a baseline to be established that will indicate if there are changes in water quality in the future. The ability to place a sensor in each cove, or at a minimum several coves, will allow for a complete picture of water quality in all areas of the watershed and lake. 

To best measure various parameters of Water Quality in DCL, DNR uses Water Quality Meters throughout the lake on a continuing basis under all conditions.  These meters are used in the Chesapeake Bay, Lake Tahoe, the Great Lakes and a variety of locations around the world.  The Foundation strongly supports this approach.

How does the WQM Work?
The continuous monitoring provided by these meters enables DNR Biologists to review collected data such as temperature, pH level, chlorophyll, Oxygen, and more, through analysis, understand the impacts on Water Quality of storm events, boat wakes, water levels, and the introduction of nutrients or sediment via the watershed. 

How does that help Water Quality?
Biologists and other DNR Staff identify potential impacts on Water Quality for further investigation and the application of appropriate remedies. 

Why is Water Quality Important?
High quality clean water provides:

  • Protection of property values and investments for you and your family for many years to come.
  • Care free swimming, boating, water-skiing, and more.
  • Healthy habitats for a wide variety of fish and other aquatic creatures.
  • A clean lake for residents and visitors alike to enjoy which, in turn, supports Garrett County’s reputation as a great place to visit and live.

Donate to Water Quality Management

The success of projects like these depends on the generous donations of our community members.